Home Depot Incentive Program

» Register to receive 1.5% Annual Rebate for all Program pre-tax purchases

» Utilize any credit and/or debit card accepted at The Home Depot (American    Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Home Depot Credit Cards)

» Program applies to purchases made at The Home Depot Stores, Home Depot    Tool   Rental, Home Depot Supply (HDSupply.com), EXPO Design Centers, and    HD   Landscape Supply Stores.

Home Depot Stores – www.homedepot.com

» Access to 1,860+ Stores in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico
» 300,000+ SKU’s at The Home Depot, HD Landscape Supply, and EXPO Design    centers.
» National Account customers purchase through HD PRO Desk (PSM assigned for    relationship support)
» Order via in person, phone / fax, will call pickup or delivery options
» Preview products, get pricing and shop at www.homedepot.com

Home Depot Supply – www.HDSupply.com

1. Order via Phone, Fax or at www.HDSupply.com
2. Free Delivery on orders over $50, $5 service fee if order is under $50*
   (*available on most products in most areas)

3. HD Supply Full Line Catalogue Products

» Access to Home Depot Supply’s Full Line Catalogue
» 14,000+ sku’s focused on general MRO items
» Request a catalogue copy by visiting www.HDSupply.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does the rebate program work?

» Once you enroll your credit and/or debit cards with The Home Depot (THD) under    this program, THD will begin tracking all of your qualifying purchases. THD National    Accounts Program participants will be eligible for a annual rebate based upon the    cumulative pre-tax purchases made on registered credit and/or debit cards from the    time of enrollment through December 31st each year.

» Home Depot mails you your rebate within 60 days of the end of each program year    (by March 1st or sooner). Home Depot mails your rebate to the registration address    submitted with your enrollment form.

2. How do I enroll in the rebate program?

» To enroll, please complete the Credit and/or Debit Enrollment and THD W-9 Forms    included in this enrollment package and fax them to (404) 745-8811.
» Your Company has been assigned the following two pieces of information specific    to your program:
  1) Program Code: CSIS 2) Program ID: 10022
  This information is pre-populated in the Enrollment form, however, you may need to   use this Code and ID at a later date. Please retain this information for your records

3. What additional information do you require for proper issuance of my rebate check?

» To complete enrollment and for issuance of your rebate check, you must submit the    following:
 1) Credit Card Enrollment Form
 2) THD W-9 Form

4. What credit and/or debit cards may be enrolled in the rebate program?

» You may enroll multiple credit and/or debit cards in this National Accounts Program:
  1) Your existing THD Credit Card is eligible for this program. However, it is not       automatically enrolled; you must enroll your THD Credit Card following the       process   explained in 2., above. If you do not have an existing THD Credit Card,       you may   apply for one and, if approved, you may enroll that card.
  2) Your existing Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards are also        eligible for this program; however, again, you must enroll the cards following the        process explained in 2., above.

5. Are cash or checks eligible for enrollment in this program and rebates?

» No. Only purchases made with the enrolled credit and debit cards will be tracked for   rebate purposes.

6. Is the rebate pre- or post-tax per transaction?

» Rebates are calculated on the sub-total sale pre-tax.

7. How do I notify The Home Depot of new, renewed, or lost credit card information?

» A “Change Enrollment Form” must be faxed directly to THD National Accounts at    (404) 745-8811. A copy of this form will be provided to you in your Welcome    Package subsequent to enrolling in the program.

8. How can I track or confirm my purchases to date?

» Contact your ConstructSure Insurance Services Representative for information on    reporting

Regarding enrollment in this National Accounts Program, contact:
National Accounts Customer Support
E-Mail: natlaccts_operations@homedepot.com
Phone: (770) 433-8211, ext. 10981

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